Male Fertility

Cause of Male Infertility

Sr. No. Parameter Lower Refrence Unit
1 Semen Volume(ml) 1.5(1.4-1.7)
2 Total Sperm Number (10^6 per ejaculate) 39(33-46)
3 Sperm Concentration(10 per ml) 15(12-16)
4 Total Motality(PR+NP, %) 40(38-42)
5 Progressive Motality(PR, % 32(31-34)
6 Vitality(live spermatozoa, %) 58(55-63)
7 Sperm Morphology(normal forms, %) 4(3.0-4.0)
8 White Blood Cells(leukocytes) 1*10^6/ml pH >= 7.2
  • Male factor is partially or wholly responsible for 40 to 50 percent of infertility cases
  • Though in todays era of ivf and icsi very little importance is given to its medical management
  • Majority of indian couples cannot afford multiple cycles of ivf and single cycle success rate remains poor
  • They may with all difficulties afford a single cycle,so its prudent to treat male subfertility and give them multiple chances of spontaneous conception or make them eligible for simpler and less costlier treatment options of superovulation and iui.